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General Terms & Conditions

Hiking + Yoga + Meditation in Swiss Alps

Hiking + Yoga + Meditation

General Terms and Conditions (GT&Cs) of the SwissHike 3+IN+1

ION 21 Team Business Model

SwissHike 3+IN+1 (henceforth called SwissHike) is a pilot project of a business model based on the ION 21 Team Portal System. Each project member (backer, client, resident, guest, operator, partner, consultant, investor, founder) share the same project rights and duties of fair-play cooperation, which are specified through the ION 21 Team Coop Processes (Information, Optimisation and Navigation). The members of the SwissHike Teams (Backers, Clients, Consultants, Founders, Guests, Investors, Operators, Partners, Residents) delegate members of SwissHike Border Team. The team decision-making weights are dynamically distributed through the sharing of 21 CAI-votes based on the Competency, Activity and Investment of each team member. The Project Team Portal enables team members to share info about project activities, to propose optimisation suggestions and to participate in the three rounds voting.  Only those APA-suggestions supplemented by an Analysis, Prognosis and Assessment, which respect the Project Navigation Dimensions (Better Results, Better Feelings and Better Perspective) and do not violate the Local and Global Priorities are valid.

SwissHike 3+IN+1 (henceforth called SwissHike) is a pilot project of a business model based on the ION 21 Team Portal System.
The detailed description of the SwissHike 3+IN+1 Team Business Model with Procedural, Operational and Strategical decision-making levels is specified on a project website www.swisshike.com  in sections ION 21 Team Portal System and ION 21 SwissHike Team Portal.


Please register via our website www.swisshike.com in section BOOKING. You will receive an automatic registration confirmation by email. With the registration confirmation, your place in the course is temporarily reserved until we receive the prepayment. Please check your junk email folder if you have not received the confirmation email.

Prepayment & Confirming a Booking

To confirm a booking, SwissHike asks for a prepayment. This must be paid as soon as possible and is necessary to receive a booking confirmation.
Prepayment fee of 40% of the offered price, to cover hotel booking costs and administrative costs.
The remainder 60% of fees is to be paid latest by Day 1 Registration at the start of the course.


Prices include VAT. Local tourist taxes are billed separately by SwissHike on behalf of the tax authorities.

Tourist tax
1.00 CHF per child (6 - 16 years) / overnight
3.00 CHF per adult (17+) / overnight (including cantonal tax 1.00 CHF)

Clients are expected to attend the entire course from start to finish. Costs resulting from delayed arrival or early departure can neither be deducted nor refunded.

Payments in Swiss Francs or Euros to the following bank accounts following receipt of the invoice:

CHF (Swiss Francs): Postcheckkonto, CH-, Konto-Nr.:, IBAN:, BIC: 

Euro: bank, D-, Begünstigter: SwissHike 3+IN+1, Konto-Nr.:, BLZ:, IBAN:, Swift BIC: 

Payments in Swiss Francs to the following bank account:

PostFinance AG, CH-4808 Zofingen
Account No: 31-297224-0
IBAN: CH3009000000312972240
Please make it out to: SwissHike 3+IN+1 Booking 


After the reservation we charge for a cancellation according to your chosen option:

HARD - without cancellation insurance: Hard 0.017 curve exp(0.017 * days before the entry) percentage of the offered price + handling fee of CHF 30,
MILD - CHF 40 cancellation insurance: Mild 0.07 curve exp(0.07 * days before the entry) percentage of the offered price + handling fee of CHF 30,
SOFT - CHF 80 cancellation insurance: Soft 0.3 curve exp(0.3 * days before the entry) percentage of the offered price + handling fee of CHF 30.

The table form of percentage values for 120 days before the entry of course: swisshike_cancellation_20170215.xlsx

In case of a cancellation more than 30 days before the date of arrival, 50% of the received prepayment will be reimbursed. In the event of a full cancellation after this point (less than 30 days before course starts), the prepayment will be kept in full by SwissHike. Any bank charges as a result of returning prepayments will be paid by the Client.

If a replacement person is found or if someone from the waiting list can be obtained, the paid amount minus the handling fee will be paid back. In the event of cancellations, a handling fee of 10% of the offered price will be charged.

We urge you to take out cancellation insurance.

Gemmi Lodge house rules

Accommodation is provided in double rooms with showers and toilets. The house offers towels.
Quiet Time is from 22:30h to 07:30h. Use of sleeping bags in Gemmi Lodge is accepted.

Smoking is forbidden outside separately marked areas.
No pets can be brought into the accommodation unless agreed in advance.

Check-in and check-out times

Check-in is from 14.00 – 20.00h. Later arrivals need to be announced in advance.
Check-out is by 11.00h.

SwissHike reserves the right to ask for proof of identification (Passport, ID card, driver's license...) at check in time.

Meals and Dietary requirements

The Gemmi Lodge’s kitchen facilities are operated by SwissHike team members whereas the clients are expected to be helpful about a half day a week of work in the kitchen.

Our meals are a mixture of vegetarian and vegan dishes. We can only take special diets to a certain extent into consideration. Please inquire at the time of your application about the possibility of special meals.

Donations / Dana

SwissHike hiking guide and meditation teacher work on voluntary base instead of a fixed honorarium. This is in accordance with our project strategy according to which you can freely appreciate the value of provided services. We are nevertheless dependent on donations to make our living and to be able to support you. As a guideline, we recommend as Dana an amount of CHF 20 per day.

Samu / Karma Yoga

A half day a week of work in the kitchen is an integral part of the yoga course. A mindful action is an important aspect of any spiritual practice. We will also appreciate your support width cleaning the facilities at the end of the stay.


Please note that the yoga and meditation sessions are not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical care. If you have doubts regarding the selected program please consult your physician.

Insurance and liability

SwissHike clients must provide their own insurance coverage for personal liability, sickness and accidents during the SwissHike program.

Any damage caused by clients is fully payable by the client, including false call outs of emergency services. All clients staying at SwissHike are responsible for the equipment, accommodation and any facilities they use during their stay.

SwissHike accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal property when staying at Gemmi Lodge or another SwissHike accommodation partner.

Damage claims against SwissHike are excluded as far as damage was not caused by negligence or intentionally. SwissHike will not be held responsible for damages which are caused by the actions or neglect of team members; as a cause of actions of third parties, the hotel guest, acts of God, natural occurrences or official regulations.

SwissHike works with third parties, which provide valued services. In these situations, SwissHike lawfully transfers the execution of the activity to the third party, and shall not be held responsible for the third party’s actions or neglect during execution of the activity.

Clients are expected to follow the daily schedule and hiking itinerary which can be changed according to weather conditions and participant’s suggestions approved by Alpine and/or Swisshike guides.

Disclaimer of Liability

Participation in courses is the participant's responsibility. Neither teachers nor guides can assume any responsibility for personal injury or damage to property that might occur during participation in a course. By submitting your reservation you hereby warrant that you have agreed to this exemption from liability.

All written and verbal information (e.g. on route conditions, weather conditions, etc.) is provided by the SwissHike with the best possible care and to the best of its knowledge. However, the SwissHike do not assume any liability for it. All decisions regarding tours, routes etc. are the client's sole responsibility. Any liability of the SwissHike for damages of any kind incurred by the client as a result of information or advice received is excluded.

Use of Data and Pictures

Personal data received in terms of the booking process will be saved by SwissHike. SwissHike has the right to use them for statistics and customer feedback. By doing so, your data will be kept strictly confidential and not sold nor disclosed to third parties.

Any photographs, video footage or voice recording, taken during your stay and/or on SwissHike activities, which contain team members, can be used by SwissHike for promotional purposes with your written permission only.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

If a problem of any nature arises during your time in Switzerland, that problem would be dealt with under Swiss law, despite the nationality of the involved parties. Please be aware that Swiss law proceedings might vary considerably from what you are used to and expect in your home country.

Place of jurisdiction is Thun (canton BE, Switzerland).

By filling in a booking request and receiving a confirmation from SwissHike, the General Terms & Conditions are accepted as binding under Swiss law.

General Terms & Conditions

SwissHike 3+IN+1 GT&Cs (en20170911)

SwissHike 3+IN+1

SwissHike 3+IN+1
SwissHike 3+IN+1
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