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Hiking + Yoga + Meditation in Swiss Alps

Exclusive opportunity: SwissHike ▷ Supporter ▷ Partner ▷ Consultant

To ensure a successful project startup, the SwissHike 3+IN+1 offers a Financial Team Cooperation in one of the following ways:

  • join the SwissHike Backers Team and take part in the Active SUPPORT of the SwissHike 3+IN+1 project,
  • accede to the SwissHike Partners Team and optimise the team cooperation on the SwissHike Electric Cars project,
  • become a member of the SwissHike Consultants Team and support the projects with a Financial Provision up to 12%.

We »SwissHike Founders Team« are looking forward getting into contact with you,
for more details please mail to INFO Operator or write a message via our Contact FORM.

SwissHIke 3+IN+1

SwissHike Active Support

(1) Targeted Support .. offering a particular choice from project categories (with given flexibility) or general support of the project (100% flexibility).

(2) Feedback Response .. thanksgiving with a feedback information (when, how much, for what) about the specific use of your contribution.

(3) Team Integration .. full membership in the SwissHike Backers Team including decision-making responsibilities using the ION 21 Team Portal System.

Project Support Categories - ITEMS NEEDED FOR FUNDING:

  • nordic walking sticks
  • sunglasses
  • shoe covers
  • climbing harness
  • chest strap
  • via ferrata set
  • crampons
  • ice axes
  • ice screws
  • ropes
  • belay devices
  • screw carbines
  • quickdraws
  • slings
  • loops of cord
  • helmets
  • headlamps
  • rechargeable batteries
  • maps
  • compass
  • GPS
  • camera for travelers
  • compact video camera
  • project mobile phone
  • yoga mats
  • sitting cushions
  • meditation chairs
  • drinking bottles
  • thermos bottles
  • food foils and boxes
  • thermos boxes
  • sprouting pots
  • mixer
  • running shoes
  • mountain boots
  • hiking clothes
  • booking reservation costs
  • leasing of electric cars
  • project reserve laptop
  • alpine guide training
Support TYPE:
Flexibility RATE:

We offer a unique opportunity for SPONSORS and INVESTORS to actively participate in our SwissHike 3+IN+1 Project :

ad 1) Targeted Support - The Support TYPE, Specific or General, enables you to target your contribution in one or more Project Support Categories. So you can boost a particular project section - Specific TYPE or provide support for our project as a whole - General TYPE.
In urgent cases, it seems to be necessary to flexibly redirect a part of specified contribution to another target. So you can choose the Flexibility RATE which defines the upper percentage level of your Specific Contribution that can be used to support another project category.

ad 2) Feedback Response - Our database support system enables to send you feedback information about the particular use of your contribution: Purpose + Amount + Date. You will receive this info with thanking and greetings via email or if necessary on your post address.
You can also subscribe for our SwissHike 3+IN+1 Newsletter with an option to regularly obtain project information for the SwissHike Team Members.

ad 3) Team Integration - We would like to show you that our SwissHike Team Strategy based on the ION 21 Team Portal System with three ION-processes: Information + Optimisation + Navigation is a way for development in the corridor of Better Results + Better Feelings + Better Perspective.
We offer our project supporters a full membership in the SwissHike Backers Team including ION 21 decision-making responsibilities that will be online accessible on our ION 21 SwissHike Team Portal. Distribution of 7 from 21 shared VOTES depends on your contribution amount - project Investment.

SwissHike 3+IN+1 Newsletter

  • Hiking tours around Kandersteg
  • Yoga and Meditation Workshops
  • Test drives of Electric Cars



Everyone can gain more with:

the fresh alpine air and pure glacier water of Kandersteg refresh your body and mind

traditional, with natural products of the alpine pastures

meditation calmness coupled with mountain landscapes

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