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Vipassana meditation - explore the beauty of inner peace

Hiking + Yoga + Meditation in Swiss Alps

Vipassana is a logical gradual process of mental purification through self-observation. It enables a person to bring himself or herself to oneness with nature, through an understanding of how things truly are. Step by step learning about the fundamental reality of things helps to bring a deep understanding to our lives, through embracing the right attitude to life. The highest goal of vipassana is to be fully liberated from all mental clingings and defilements and recognise the intrinsic harmony of nature both within and outside ourselves. The benefits of peace, happiness, calmness and self-control all lead to a more healthy and joyful life. Vipassana in the Buddhist tradition means insight into the true nature of reality. It can be cultivated by the practice that includes contemplation and introspection through awareness and observation of bodily sensations.

The hiking tours will encompass places such as Dhammapala monastery in Kandersteg. During the Meditation Day in your SwissHike itinerary you may strengthen your meditation practice or simply relax. Under skilled guidance of Dhammapala monks you can practice Vipassana and Anapanasati, mindfulness of breathing. The sitting meditation sessions are usually interspersed by walking meditation periods.

Dhammapala Kandersteg - Buddhist Theravada monastery of the Thai Forest Tradition:

View from Dhammapala in the south direction

Wat Srinagarindravararam, Gretzenbach - Swiss Buddhist Theravada monastery of the Thai Tradition:

Wat Srinagarindravararam
Photo: By Zairon (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Our main Project Development Goal is providing the SwissHike Electric Cars support hiking service with the first hub in Kandersteg.
We would like to offer you, and especially clients with mobility limitations or restrictions, the possibility of visiting meditation centers and monasteries in Switzerland, including Wat Srinagarindravararam, Felsentor, Beatenberg, Tibet Institute Rikon, within a short time-span of each other. Links to some of them you can find below, or see the overview of Swiss Buddhist meditation centers.

Felsentor Foundation runs meditation courses and retreats in various Buddhist traditions, with an emphasis on the Japanese Zen (Zazen sitting and walking).

Photo: Felsentor Foundation / Rigi 1'130 m

Meditation Center Beatenberg has a particular emphasis on vipassana meditation and on the meditations of the heart (metta, karuna).


Tibet Institute Rikon represents all four great traditions of Tibetan Buddhism: Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya and Gelug.


Obere Üschinenhütte - hut of the Kandersteg International Scout Centre, an excellent place to practice meditation.

Photograph: alpium / Flickr, 10 June 2016
Hiking + Yoga + Meditation

Miloslav Dorda learned the Third Eye Vipassana technique with contribution of an Indian master Swami GORAKHNATH, in Kandersteg December 2010. He refined his daily routine during Zen sessions in Felsentor meditation center and practiced with monastics at places such as Amaravati monastery in England.

Miloslav Dorda on trip to Mont Blanc 2007 / Photo: Marek Šimíček, 30 June 2007
Miloslav Dorda on trip to Monte Rosa 2009 / Photo: Marek Šimíček, 19 June 2009
As an introduction to the advanced White Eighth Scanning version of the Third Eye Vipassana meditation might be useful for you the White Light Meditation based on visualisations.

Miloslav Dorda on trip to Monte Rosa 2009 / Photo: Marek Šimíček, 20 June 2009
Miloslav Dorda on trip to Monte Rosa 2009 / Photo: Marek Šimíček, 20 June 2009
Miloslav Dorda, M.D. will be in charge as well as your SwissHike hiking instructor on valley and mountain levels. He is very keen alpine hiker with experience from Dachstein - Austria 2000, Matterhorn and Monte Rosa - Switzerland 2001, Ortles - Italy 2007, Mont Blanc - France 2007, Monte Rosa - Switzerland 2009. He visited Kandersteg four times (2010, 2014, 2015, 2017) and spent here five months on working, hiking and meditation in 2015.

Pranayama For Self-Healing by Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc: 7+1 basic Hambirbaba's techniques (Bhante Dhammadipa)


How To Meditate I - What is Meditation (Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu)

A Guided Meditation on the Body, Space, and Awareness with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche (www.tergar.org)

Kundalini Yoga - Pranayama: basic instructions how to optimize your meditation position (YOGI MARK T. KINDER)

Consciousness - the final frontier | Dada Gunamuktananda | TEDxNoosa 2014 (Dada Gunamuktananda)

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