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Would you like to know how to implement the main Donald Trump's inauguration idea?
We are transferring power from Washington DC and giving it back to you, the people.
Washington flourished but the people did not share in this wealth... But that is the past and now we are looking only to the future.

What do you think about the following comment which appeared on GMX.de portal below an article about the search for extraterrestial life?
"humans never have and never will cooperate peacefully. humans are selfish and self defeating by nature. there are probably other species in the universe that have less time invested in evolution but are more technologically advanced because they actually work as a community without an artificial hierarchy. we have people on this planet that actually believe they are more important, smarter or more deserving than others based upon false conceptions."

How to cooperate as a community on a Team Project in a Better Way = with Better Results, Better Feelings and Better Perspective ?
Do you want to think and work not as an employee but as a Team Boss with a weight of your Competency, Activity and Investment ?
ION 21 Team Portal System is based on the Team Info Transparency, Fair Play Motivation and Forecasted Decision Making !

ION 21 Team Portal System
ION 21 Team Portal System

The FAIR-PLAY rights guarantee for each team member the ION 21 Team Boss Position - everybody is motivated as a Boss and acts in Manager and Associate positions, deciding with a shared weight of votes that reflect his competence, activities and investments.

ScienceDirect: Long Range Planning - Business Models and Technological Innovation

business model choice about openness and scalability has influenced development
Business Models and Technological Innovation

We define the business model as a system that solves the problem of identifying who is (or are) the customer(s), engaging with their needs, delivering satisfaction, and monetizing the value.

We begin by exploring what a novel business model is and how new business models are related to new technologies.

Is business model innovation potentially separate from technological innovation?” — even though business model possibilities often rely on technology » » INFORMATION TECH.

They talk of “novel” and “efficient” business models if a new technology is incorporated into a business to produce a superior effect. ... who asks when a novel technology requires a novel business model, and when the combination of a novel technology and a novel business model lead to competitive advantage.

The project-based approach is characterized by bespoke projects responding to customer needs.

Two-sided business model that has two sets of customers typically also involves two value chains — one for each side of the market. Vertical integration vs. network (horizontal integration).

Concerning PRICING, there are many other possibilities, including negotiated prices, and price based on value delivered (DANA)

The rental system implies a different form of customer engagement and different timing for collecting income that can be tailored more closely to value-based pricing.

Interoperability is required in order to create the intended value, due to the arrival of sophisticated information technology and greater availability of platform technologies

Those who assume a simple relationships between technology development and the performance outcomes for a firm or firms ignore the moderating influence of business model choice.

Business models are not just statements of economic linkages but also cognitive devices; business models held in the minds of these actors influence technological outcomes. ... link users to each other via the Internet, and they can share local information. By choosing a two-sided business model that links customers with each other and with advertisers

Competitive dynamics - survival of the entire platform depends on complementarity of the offering, which in turn depends on technology, features and interoperability. Or, it may be driven by the current belief system of the company

We highlight two important factors in the business model that influence development: the ROLE OF OPENNESS, and the ROLE OF USERS. Openness now has come to have a broader meaning with recognition that process technology may not be patented and is difficult to protect. Sharing may lead to learning and to the establishment of communities with similar, professional interests.

The connectivity between openness and user engagement — again a business model choice. ... companies have increasingly taken advantage of linking and liaising with these communities to share technology and knowledge. Managers need to be creative in the face of this complex interplay between innovation and business model elements. They can approach these problems experimentally.

Taking an ECOSYSTEM PERSPECTIVE may also help because it focuses attention on how the systems integrators need to form expectations about the scientific and technological fields underlying the components and sub-systems (Dosi et al., 2003). For managers, the ecosystems perspective holds the promise of opening up the wider entrepreneurial and collaborative space that a new technology affords — and provides room for novel business models to succeed.

(1) the choice of business model influences the way in which technology is monetized and the profitability for the relevant firms
(2) the business model frames managers, entrepreneurs, and developers hold in their heads also determine the way in which technology gets developed
(3) the technology will itself influence business model possibilities

Whether we are trying to understand the past or influence the future, we need to model the link between technology development and firm performance, taking into account competitive dynamics, the influence of technology on business model innovation, and the organization of technology development.

Lastly, business models are recipes and represent tools for management.

Charles Baden-Fuller is Centenary Professor of Strategy, Cass Business School
Stefan Haefliger is Reader in Innovation at Cass Business School.

A key element of the team decision making is the quality of optimization proposals presented and assessed by team members.
ION 21 Team Portal System emphasizes the full utilization of the team potential in finding the best solution and its implementation.

Each member of ION 21 team may submit a proposal to optimize the team's strategy or parameters of cooperation.  The optimization proposal includes a clause of congruence with navigation dimensionsOSA-Objective + OSA-Subjective + OSA-Absolute, which define the navigation corridor for achieving BETTER RESULTS, BETTER FEELINGS and BETTER PERSPECTIVE of teamwork:


PARAMETRIC NATURE of ION 21 System enables user customization for a particular team and broad spectrum integration of decision-making strategies.
ITERATIVE NATURE of ION 21 Project allows dynamically optimize parameters of cooperation, the distribution of sharing votes and the quality of proposals.
FEEDBACK NATURE of ION 21 Processes provides background for a successful cooperation of all team members in a consensus-oriented manner.


ION 21 Documentation

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data sheet with macros (v3)

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slides presentation (v3)

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ION 21 Project Initialisation (v2)
ion21ini v2 Project Team Coop

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ION 21 Running Mode (v2)
ion21run v2 INFO OPTI NAVI

Dr. Deming's 14 Points for Management - The W. Edwards Deming Institute

Deming's 14-Point Philosophy
Source: www.mindtools.com / Deming's 14-Point Philosophy

TeamINFO - Inform = 1. FAIR PLAY RIGHT on the equal sharing of all project information to all team members


Project information is available to members of ION 21 Team on the ION 21 Portal in a structured form (title, abstract, report, links, discussion), allowing easy orientation in topic related issues and supporting full text search. All team members have equal access to information.

Each member of ION 21 Team is obliged to share information related to project activities in a truthful and complete form to other members through TeamINFO channel and may ask INFO-operator for assistance with their publications. Violation of this principle is a reason for termination of membership.


Communication between team members takes place at working meetings, on TeamINFO channel and thematic discussion forum of the ION 21 Portal. As a spokesperson of ION 21 Team acts the INFO-operator, which assists team members with sharing of structured information on the project portal.

ION 21 Decision-making: Feedback nature :


ION 21 Decision-making: Iterative nature :


ION 21 Decision-making: Parametric nature :



ION 21 Team: Member table :


ION 21 Team Motivation: Competence + Activity + Investment :


ION 21 Team Competency table :


ION 21 Team Activity table :


ION 21 Team Investment table :



TeamOPTI - Optimize = 2. FAIR PLAY RIGHT on the submission of forecasted proposals for improving the team work


Each ION 21 Team member may submit, individually or several members together, a proposal to optimize the team's strategy or cooperation parameters.  The optimization proposal includes a clause of congruence with navigation dimensionsOSA-Objective + OSA-Subjective + OSA-Absolute, which define the navigation corridor for achieving BETTER RESULTS, BETTER FEELINGS and BETTER PERSPECTIVE of teamwork:


ION 21 optimization APA-proposal includes three supplementsAnalysis + Prognosis + Assessment

Primary APA-proposal includes Strategic analysis, General prognosis, Navigation assessment :


Primary APA-proposal is a basic optimization suggestion activating interest of team members in the issue.
It represents the TRUNK of the Solution tree. The issue is covered by the Objective discussion on the ION 21 Portal.
During a given Primary Timespan - Mode: Acute, Normal, Precise - the team members can take a supporting or rejecting stand.


Secondary APA-proposal includes Economical analysis, Specific prognosis, Local assessment :


Secondary APA-proposals are variants of the accepted Primary Proposal, submitted by all team members.
They represent the BRANCHES of the Solution tree. The differences are covered by the Expert discussion on the ION 21 Portal.
During a Secondary Timespan - Mode: Acute, Normal, Precise - the team members can take a supporting or rejecting stand to submitted variants.


Navigation APA-proposal includes Ecological analysis, Parametric prognosis, Global assessment :


Navigation APA-proposal is the final issue solution, which was selected during the First + Second Voting Round.
It represents the FRUIT of the Solution tree. The issue is refined by the Objective + Expert discussion on the ION 21 Portal.
During the Third Voting Round - Mode: Acute, Normal, Precise - the team members can accept or reject its realisation.


ION 21 Optimization APA-proposals: Analysis, Prognosis, Assessment :


ION 21 Optimization APA-proposals: Primary, Secondary, Navigation :


APA-SUPPLEMENTS: Analysis + Prognosis + Assessment :


R123-proposal's CORRECTIONS: First + Second + Third :



Competency Votes Sharing runs during the Expert Discussion before the First Voting Round - start of the Navigation Process.
It represents the BOTTOM ROOF of the Solution tree. The votes redistribution is covered by the Votes Sharing Channel on the ION 21 Portal.
During a Competency Sharing Timespan - Mode: Acute, Normal, Precise - the team members can allocate their Competency Votes.


TeamNAVI - Navigate = 3. FAIR PLAY RIGHT on the decision-making regarding strategic guidelines and cooperation parameters


DELEGATION: Instead of a direct participation in Strategical decision-making, the team member can DELEGATE his decision-making competencies
- pass his FREE VOICES (3+3+3=9) on one or more representatives. Delegation can be changed or terminated before starting the navigation process.
Relevant tied and fixed votes are automatically allocated by a portal to the members with the greatest deviations from the current table levels.


Every decision have to be considered carefully and the consequences should be thought out properly : MEASURE THREE TIMES AND CUT ONCE.
An OBJECTIVE DISCUSSION on the topic of the Primary proposal and an EXPERT DISCUSSION before the First voting round run on the ION 21 Portal.
During THREE VOTING ROUNDS are the supported Secondary proposals selected and merged to a forecasted Navigation proposal : R1 » R2 » R3.


In the First voting round (R1) may team members through placing their SHARED VOTES in inner points (+/-1, +/-2, +/-3) strengthen (YES) the preferred options and/or weaken (NO) variants classing as inappropriate, while writing the reasons of their respective positions. If no consensus (100% match) is found, the two most preferred options proceed into the Second voting round and the proposers may conduct a Second correction of the winning proposals.


In the Second voting round (R2) all have the same voting weight of TWO VOTES used to support the preferred variants in medium points (+/-3, +/-4, +/-5). If the winning variant of the second round is not consensual (100% agreement), a Third correction of the proposal can be done » the final navigation form.


In the Third voting round (R3) the team members decide on the acceptance or rejection of the Navigation proposal through voting with the equal weight of ONE VOTE that can be placed in the outer points (+/-5, +/-6 +/-7). Failing the minimum level of Navigational support set in Team Cooperation Parameters, the proposal is rejected and postponed due to lack of a team consensus.

ION 21 Team Portal System